58% of data cannot be recovered according to a recent report^

Failed backups and unverified restores impact productivity and result in lost data. Data storage and the accompanying data storage solutions are more relevant than ever.

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How do you plan to protect your organisation’s data?

Digital transformation means that organisations no longer need to rely on tape and tape systems. Organisations are adopting cloud storage management strategies. Many organisations assume that because their data is in the cloud, it’s protected and backed up. This is not always the case.

Issues such as human error and cyber threats mean that you need to consider your data protection strategy. Regulations and industry compliance are also considerations.

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Let’s talk about the availability gap

Firstly, what is the availability gap?

Put simply, it’s the old adage of expectations vs reality. When do you expect data to be available? When is it really available?

Every organisation is different, and operating hours need to be part of your consideration when looking at your backup schedule. Data snapshots between business hours of 9am-5pm won’t cut it for most organisations with the increased glide times as remote working is here to stay.

60% of organisations have said that they have a gap between how frequently data is backed up vs how much data they can afford to lose^.

What DataReady means for you

Protecting your data anywhere to help you meet business and compliance requirements.


  • Protect data anywhere – private cloud, on-premise, IaaS, Azure, AWS, GCP data
  • Forms part of your 360 Data Management Strategy – for your critical business data
  • Completes your Business Continuity Plan
  • Reduce business risk
  • Eliminate data loss
  • Scalable based on your needs

Having three months of data online and being able to do our own restores through GlobalView is a great advantage for us – it now takes only minutes to restore a file. We now get reports to say that our data is fully protected, with no errors in replication and no errors in the backup. Not many IT managers know this 100%.

Southern Rural WaterICT Manager,
Southern Rural Water

Our DataReady Partners

DataReady - How much data can you afford to lose

How much data can you afford to lose?

A week. A day. An hour?

There are different types of business-critical data across organisations.

Business running legacy systems are disproportionately impacted by data availability challenges. This can be due to a number of factors such as lack of core functionality, lack of capability and reluctance to adopt a modern and comprehensive data protection strategy.

Data Protection vs Data Retention vs Disaster Recovery

You’ve got a backup strategy…

But do you know what the accessibility of your data or the recovery plan is?

There are multiple facets to your backup and disaster recovery strategy.

DataReady covers your data protection strategy and ensures that you’ve got full backups when you need them. You’ve got control over your data and can restore on-demand.

365Ready is an add-on to DataReady that ensures that all your Microsoft365 data is backed up, outside of the M365 retention policy.

EnvironmentReady is our disaster recovery solution, which ensures you are covered in the event of total data loss or corruption. Our disaster recovery specialists work to get you back up and running.

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Simplifying your IT operations & reduce your footprint

DataReady delivers an all-inclusive backup and recovery service. With our highly skilled team of backup and recovery engineers, your data is in great hands. We take away the complexity and simplify your strategy meaning that you don’t need to manage multiple vendors, hardware and software solutions. Your team can focus on ensuring that your IT strategy delivers increased value to the business instead of managing tapes.

The benefits of transitioning to DataReady include:

  • Removal of aging infrastructure
  • Removal of reliance on tape systems and manual intervention
  • Shortens backup window
  • Provides highly efficient backups
  • No movement or restore fees charged by Global Storage

Your data, your way

Data accessibility is key. Too often the accidental use of the ‘delete’ button can cause a ripple effect through organisations. Southern Rural Water (SRW) have seen the benefits of using the DataReady solution.

In reviewing their business continuity plan, SRW recognised that their traditional tape backup system posed a significant risk to the organisation about the time it would take to recover their environment, with no guarantee that it could recover fully.

As part of DataReady SRW leverage the fully managed online data backup service. They can now restore three months of data online via GlobalView user web portal.

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Compliance and regulatory requirements

The ASD Essential 8 from the Australian Cyber Security Centre lists daily backups as one of their key mitigation strategies. As part of the maturity model their recommendations include:

  • Backups of important information, software and configuration settings are performed at least daily.
  • Backups are stored offline, or online but in a non-rewritable and non-erasable manner.
  • Backups are stored for three months or greater.
  • Full restoration of backups is tested at least once when initially implemented and each time fundamental information technology infrastructure changes occur.
  • Fundamental information technology infrastructure changes occur.
  • Partial restoration of backups is tested on a quarterly or more frequent basis.

DataReady supports all these recommendations.

Different industry requirements may mean you need to have data backed up at secure offsite locations.

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We stand behind what we do

We understand that not being able to access your data when you expect it has consequences. For us, that’s underpinned by our financially penalising SLA’s.

This means that if we don’t deliver on protecting your data as we promised, we’ll pay you.

^Veeam data protection report 2021

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