The unexpected is called the unexpected for a reason.

However, your backup and disaster recovery plan shouldn’t be unexpected.

Australia has sadly seen its fair share of natural disasters over the last couple of years, whether that be bushfires or floods. However, it’s been a timely reminder for businesses to revisit their business continuity strategy, specifically around disaster recovery.

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Build and deploy your IT disaster recovery plan

Considerations for your backup and disaster recovery plan should start with:

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Identify business critical functions

Define how and when these functions need to be recovered so the business can continue to operate

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Know your risks

Identify the disasters (natural and cyber) that your business might face.

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Plan now for what you will do

Work with your staff and external providers to make an action plan. Be clear in roles, responsibilities and expectations.

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Get your business ready

Put the plan into practice regularly. It’s no good when it’s only on paper.

Whilst we’re focussed on the technological side of your business, these guidelines operate across the business.

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What EnvironmentReady means for you

Cloud based IT Disaster Recovery solution to meet all your business and compliance requirements.


  • Reduce the cost of business disruption and downtime
  • Reduce your data loss risk
  • Recover data from anywhere – private cloud, on-premise, IaaS, Azure, AWS, GCP data
  • Forms part of your 360 Data Management Strategy – recover your critical business systems in a DR event
  • Completes your Business Continuity Plan
  • Scalable based on your needs

Our EnvironmentReady Partners

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Confidence in delivery

Our pure disaster recovery solution EnvironmentReady provides continuous data replication, and in the event of a disaster, you’ll be provided with a dedicated team to get your business back online.

EnvironmentReady has been given the tick by major audit firms such as EY and Deloitte; you are assured your disaster recovery plan is more than solid.

Your technology needs to work when you need it to the most. With immutable air-gapped backups and 99.99% data backup guarantee, you’ll be able to run at 100% capacity during a disaster, whatever that disaster may look like.

It’s not just in theory

We regularly test our backup and disaster recovery process across our client’s deployments to ensure that it works.
We’re delivering above the ASD Essential 8 maturity model recommendation:

  • Full restoration of backups is tested at least once when initially implemented and each time fundamental information technology infrastructure changes occur.

I sleep well at night knowing that the team at Global Storage have my data and systems protected from events such as power loss, fire, equipment or communications failures. Their Disaster Recovery solution just works and we take comfort that it is jointly tested every year

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Motivating factors for change

Changing disaster recovery providers and infrastructure can be daunting. Even more so when legacy systems are involved. Global Storage picks up the management overhead of your disaster recovery strategy, including your cloud backup and recovery.

Baker’s Delight is a global business with over 700 retail outlets. It’s imperative that our systems are always online and protected from outage events such as ransomware attacks or other environmental impacts. Global Storage and its team of highly experienced engineers have saved us from many events over the years by recovering all or a subset of our systems within the SLAs

Bakers Delight LogoJay Hamilton
IT Operations Manager

Industry trends show that the driving business factors for changing backup and recovery solution providers are:

  • Improved recovery point objective (RPO)/recovery time objective (RTO) SLAs
  • Reduction in costs
  • Improve reliability (success rates) of backups

Future trends

51% of all disaster recovery will be cloud based by 2023

81% of backup will be cloud based in the next two years

Whether you’ve been directed to establish a cloud based disaster recovery capability yet or not, the future is in the cloud. Whether you call it Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service, Managed Disaster Recovery, Restore from Cloud, we can help you develop and deploy your disaster recovery strategy.

Data Protection anywhere means we cover data stored in:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Multi Cloud
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform

Free of hardware constraints

Our managed services approach to business continuity and disaster recovery provides customers with a complete recovery point for their IT environment, independent of hardware constraints.

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EnvironmentReady manages risks associated with data loss and downtime with dedicated resources to manage the recovery process, guaranteed SLAs on recovery times, and best-practice methodologies.

Bounce back quickly (guaranteed)

We live by the mantra of Protect, Restore and Recover. And we place such a high value on your satisfaction that if we can’t deliver on our promise of full systems recovery, we pay you.

Our all-inclusive disaster recovery service provides elastic local backup cache appliances, elastic enterprise disaster recovery software, elastic and secure offsite cloud targets and disaster recovery infrastructure.

Why consider EnvironmentReady?

  • Simplification of your internal infrastructure landscape
  • Remove the overhead of managing your disaster recovery function
  • Reduce the cost of business disruption and downtime
  • Reduce your data loss risk
  • Specialised recovery team to get your business back online quickly
  • Enterprise-class replication and recovery capabilities
  • Have your DR solution tested annually

We don’t take risks with your business.

We deliver consistent, predictable outcomes by using proven technologies and best practice, repeatable processes. This strategy drives down your costs while maximising the efficiency of the services we offer.

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Build from the ground-up

Your disaster recovery strategy is your last line of defence. Prevention and best practice starts with your eco-system and cloud infrastructure. Whether you’re just starting on your Cloud journey and need support developing your cloud technology strategy with a solution like CloudReady we can help you.

By integrating your data protection strategy, incorporating a modern data backup practice, including M365 backup you’ll have a technology solution that evolves with you.

We’ve built our solutions to work together and support your business.

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