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How moving to DRaaS can Fuel Innovation and Growth

Focus on growth with DRaaS

The top three business initiatives remain unchanged from last year. Digital transformation, cybersecurity, and cloud remain relevant because they help reduce IT costs and enable new business strategies and models. They also make new products and services possible and create new streams of revenue.

Unfortunately, IT spending is standing on its head, with 64% spent running the business and 36% on growth and innovation. Cloud adoption and DRaaS help in better aligning IT spending and business objectives.

Nothing highlights the urgency of reigning in costs more than the 3X increase in enterprises’ cost savings initiatives over last year.1

Is now the time for DRaaS?

The argument in favor of cloud alternatives is over, and the time to embrace DRaaS is overdue. By 2023, more than half of x86 servers’ workloads in internal data centers will use the public cloud for DR.2 Furthermore, cloud software will make up 30% of total budgets surpassing the 24% earmarked for on-premises software. 62% of companies will reduce their use of internal data centers in the next two years.2

The shift to cloud and SaaS consumption is driven by powerful technology and business changes that brought us to the tipping point:

  • Runaway costs. Lack of real-time visibility into IT spend leads to budget overruns in more than 24% of It projects, with about 30% of spend going to waste.3 Manual processes and the absence of quality data complicate cost optimizing initiatives. There is light at the end of this tunnel. Cloud adoption and IT modernization helped 60% of companies realize cost efficiencies and savings.4
  • Data sprawl. IDC estimates that the amount of digital data to be created over the next five years will be greater than that twice the amount of data created since the advent of digital storage.” The cloud makes managing exponential data growth effortless.5
  • Cyber threats. Protecting against cyberattacks requires an air-tight security posture and reliable DR plans. While the impact of cyberattacks is evident today, analysts expected that one organization would fall victim to ransomware every 11 seconds by the end of 2021.6
  • Skillset gap. The increase in cloud adoption and rising IT spending exacerbates the acute shortage of technical IT talent worldwide. Adopting cloud and DRaaS reduces IT overhead and budgets.

Improve visibility and control spend

The benefits of adopting cloud and DRaaS solutions are numerous and cover more than the core cost savings and business continuity.

  • Visibility and cost savings. Financial reports and are available in real-time, offering better-informed decisions. The cloud consumption-based utility model helped 60% of companies improve financial gains and efficiencies by moving away from Capex investments to budget-friendly OpEx.7
  • Optimized cloud costs. Fine-tune cloud resources to applications requirements to avoid over-provisioning and overspending. Cloud adoption helped companies keep IT spend to only 7.5% of revenue.8
  • New revenue streams. Nearly 58% of companies could capitalize on cloud innovations and create new products and services with additive revenue streams.9
  • Availability and uptime. Maintaining the business engines running is vital to business survival. About 54% of enterprises saw an improvement in business availability with cloud adoption.10
  • Higher customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is job one for everyone. Embracing the cloud helped 56% of companies improve customer experience and satisfaction.11
  • Turn data into business value. Data is the most valuable digital asset. Nearly 56% of companies using the cloud model improved their ability to extract business value from data. Visibility, accessibility and data analytics tools facilitate growing business value.12
  • Maintain security and compliance. Companies can use cloud DRaaS to respond to audits and demonstrate compliance with data regulations through proper reporting and documentation. Security remains the top challenge for 81% of organizations.13


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Global Storage achieves Australian first with VMware disaster recovery as-a-service certification

Providing Flexible and Intelligent Cloud Solutions for Data Protection and Business Continuity


Global Storage is pleased to announce that they are the first Australian partner to have achieved the VMWare Disaster Recovery as-a-service certification. They are one of only six partners with this certification across Asia Pacific.

Gavin Hoffmann, Director of Sales and Marketing, says ‘This recognition from VMWare really highlights our commitment to providing exceptional disaster recovery services to our clients. We’re thrilled that we can showcase our skills and be the leader in ANZ for the development of these services in partnership with VMWare.’
As digital transformation initiatives and cloud adoption continue to accelerate, the need for business continuity, data protection and management has never been greater. The need to reign in data sprawl and extract business value match the enterprise’s quest for visibility, insight and desire to lower capital expenditures and cloud operating costs.

The new certification allows Global Storage to provide services enabling clients to replicate their data and virtual infrastructure to Global Storage cloud environments. The DRaaS model eliminates costly capital expenses and frees IT from spending valuable time on lengthy planning, acquisition, deployment and management cycles or business continuity.

“We are excited with Global Storage’s introduction of our VMware DRaaS solution to the many new markets served by our partner of many years. The combination of our leading solution and Global Storage’s market deep knowledge and innovative services offer reliable customer solutions and dependable local services backed by local expertise,” said Guy Bartram., Director of Product Marketing at VMware, Inc.

About Global Storage

We go where the data is and deliver a comprehensive suite of enterprise cloud services for computing, backup, disaster recovery, storage, and regulatory compliance. With over two decades of data management experience, the Global Storage team is uniquely qualified to help companies of all sizes realize agility, efficiency and intelligent data management across diverse cloud environments.

Formed in 1997, we have 50+ staff across our branches in Melbourne (head office), Sydney, and Brisbane, and our satellite offices in the US. In 2021, Global Storage achieved ISO 27001 Certification through BSI Global.

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