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Cloud. It means different things to different people.

You’ve probably landed here because of the term ‘Cloud’.

In 2022, 42% of businesses were using cloud with a cumulative productivity benefit to the economy of $9.4 billion in the last five years.

So, what is Cloud when it comes to Global Storage?

Cloud solutions provide accessibility and connectivity whilst being scalable, secure, and agile. The adoption of cloud services in Australia has resulted in a cumulative productivity benefit of $9.4 billion in the five years to 2019*.

Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service delivers a complete, integrated cloud infrastructure solution that provides rapid access to IT resources and simplifies IT operations whilst delivering the best SLAs for your business applications.

How data and infrastructure are accessed today is different, with more concurrent remote connections and endpoints being utilised. Storage is no longer just storage, it’s about providing real-time availability, connectivity and application support. 78% of users have reported improvements in productivity since moving to the cloud.

To realise these benefits of the cloud, the end-user experience must be at the forefront of any transition.

What Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) means for you

Move to the Cloud


  • Scale IT in minutes not weeks
  • Eliminate IT hardware procurement cycles
  • Reduce IT risk
  • Known OPEX costs
  • Access to Enterprise cloud technologies
  • Includes backup & disaster recovery

Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service Partners


Are you looking to reduce your infrastructure footprint?

The benefits of using cloud technology and cloud solutions mean that you can:

  • Have peace of mind from uptime guarantees
  • Comprehensive data protection strategy
  • Move to a regular and forecastable IT budget
  • Reduce your CAPEX on hardware & software
  • Develop and deliver a cloud-first strategy
  • Reduce your IT risk
  • Reduce deployment times from days to hours
  • Access additional, scalable capacity when required
  • Redeploy internal resources to proactive management rather than break-fix support

Illustration of a consultant using a laptop looking at code that powers the data cloud

Looking to move to the Cloud, but don’t know where to start?

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud. It’s no wonder it can be overwhelming when it comes to deciding on cloud technology.

Developing a cloud-first strategy is more than just deciding to use cloud storage.

According to Deloitte*, the drivers for moving to the cloud include:

38% Improving customer services

38% Keeping up with competitors

34% Seeking to adopt innovative technology

The biggest challenges for moving to the cloud were cited as being:

37% Skills

37% Legacy Systems

35% Cost

Often we see the driver of cost being at the forefront when it comes to replacing legacy systems that are built on on-premise infrastructure. This plays a large part in the decision to move to cloud technology.

This was a challenge faced by Cooper Grace Ward

We moved to Global Storage’s IaaS over 5 years ago and this move allowed the firm to further focus on servicing our legal customers while Global Storage ensures our systems are online and can be expanded or have a performance uplift at the click of a button. Their team of dedicated customer-focused engineers care and take pride in ensuring our IT environment supports our team of lawyers to do what they do best.

Cooper Grace Ward LogoDamon Graham
Director – Information Technology

Illustration of a webpage with a cloud and a dollar sign

Forecastable IT budgets

Breaking your infrastructure refresh cycle can be hard. Technology is moving at such a rapid pace meaning that the minimum requirements of your existing hardware from 3 years ago is far removed from your requirements today.

Moving to the cloud means that you no longer need to consider your hardware refresh cycle.

Your IT team is now focused on delivering benefits & productivity improvements to the business, not managing hardware or supporting break-fix requests. Leveraging cloud technology means that Global Storage takes on the challenge of ensuring that you’ve got access to cutting-edge technology and that it’s purpose fit for your business.

Using the IaaS platform means that your IT costs move from large CAPEX purchase orders to forecastable regular OPEX. With no data movement fees, you’re able to forecast costs involved with new employees, large scale project support (including burst capacity or test environments).

Your business, your way

You know your business, we know our technology.

IaaS services can be used in flexible and elastic private, public and hybrid cloud deployment combinations designed to coexist and integrate with your existing data centre environments.

At Global Storage, we are exceptionally proud of our client relationships. We work in partnership to understand your business and its unique needs before providing you with recommendations on the cloud solutions that fit your business.

Our solutions and methodology are tried and tested.

We moved to Global Storage’s IaaS after falling victim to a cyber-attack in 2020 and haven’t looked back. We no longer need to procure hardware, software and look after any data centre environments. Our data is protected and our systems are always up and much faster than when we were operating our own in house environment.

Yarra Ranges CouncilCraig Whalley
Manager, Information Services, Yarra Ranges Council

Burst into the cloud with Infrastructure as a Service

What happens when you need more cloud storage?

Infrastructure-as-a-Service provides you with an additional 2 tiers of storage when you need it. You can easily scale up for a finite period to support a project or a high-density traffic window. Leveraging flash-based storage, you pay for what you need based on a cents per GB per month model. You can quite simply burst into the cloud when you need it.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is highly secure with encryption at rest, multiple performance tiers and ransomware detection and recovery.

A stack of data stacks

The Global Storage storage as a service product has been a great overall storage solution for our company. By using this solution, it has removed all the previous operational overheads related to managing hardware and maintaining SAN storage systems. Our main requirements were to be able to consume the desired amount of storage at a high level of performance required by the business. This overall solution was able to deliver on these requirements along with other dependencies such as snapshot backups and networking in a timely way.

Are MediaRichard Collins
Are Media

An illustration of a shield with a server stack inside

Minimise your risk

By partnering with Global Storage, we deliver an all-inclusive IT platform service. This encompasses Tier 3 data centres, redundant communications, enterprise compute and storage, backup, and security.

We provide you with high levels of visibility by providing your business with accurate and on-demand reporting on uptime and usage.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service delivers a complete High Availability Infrastructure strategy for your IT environment, backed by a 99.99% uptime guarantee. We guarantee an experienced and expert cloud team dedicated to serving your business, using industry best practices, proven processes and methodologies.

Bank-grade redundancies are standard. Global Storage’s cloud services allow your business to leverage from our significant and continued investment in cloud infrastructure and N+1 Data Centre redundancies.

An illustration of a smiling consultant in front of two computer server towers

Rely on 99.99% uptime or we’ll pay for it (literally)

Here at Global Storage, we’re a little bit different.

All our solutions are backed by our financially penalising SLA’s, which means that if we don’t deliver, we pay you. Australian owned and operated for over 20 years, we’re firmly entrenched here, and so is your data, meeting all data sovereignty requirements.

Our Network Operation Centre operates 24x7x365 providing you with the right support exactly when you need it.

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